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Review of the Tramex Professional Pin-Type Moisture Meter PTM 2.0.
Tramex 13 Sep 2018 0 comments 164 viewed
BY TRAMEX MOISTURE METERS   Those of you who know me know I love a good gadget: a slick kitchen utensil, th.. More
The Tramex FeedBack DataLogger App is Available to Download Free
Tramex 10 Aug 2018 0 comments 472 viewed
The new FeedBack App is available to download free from the App Store or Google Play to be used with the Tramex.. More
Remote Monitoring - The importance of monitoring ambient conditions during the drying process.
Tramex 09 Aug 2018 0 comments 238 viewed
By Andrew Rynhart (This article first appeared in the May 2018 edition of Restoration and Remediation Magazine) &nbs.. More
Have you heard about the change in ASTM F2170 from 72hrs to 24hrs? 
Tramex 08 Aug 2018 0 comments 519 viewed
Performing the In-Situ concrete moisture test to ASTM F2170 has been made easier, with a welcome change in.. More
Performing ASTM F2170 using the FeedBack DataLogger DL-RHTX
Tramex 08 Aug 2018 0 comments 550 viewed
Performing ASTM F2170 in-situ testing of concrete is simple with the new FeedBack DataLogger DL-RHTX from Tramex The.. More
Plumbing the Depths: Improved Test Equipment for Today's Flat Roof Design
Tramex 18 May 2017 0 comments 4598 viewed
  When 25mm or 50mm of insulation in a flat roof was the norm, Thermal Performance was still regarded.. More
Meaningful Understanding: Moisture & Vapor in Concrete
Tramex 09 May 2017 0 comments 3496 viewed
By Andrew Rynhart, CEO, Tramex Ltd.     In the restoration industry, the level of understanding of.. More
Oversimplification of Moisture Testing.
Tramex 08 Jun 2015 0 comments 6413 viewed
By Andrew Rynhart, Managing Director, Tramex Ltd.   Moisture problems in flooring originate from va.. More
When To Test Concrete To ASTM F2170?
Tramex 08 Oct 2014 0 comments 11958 viewed
This article was first published in "ProInstaller Magazine, Fall 2014 Issue."   When To Test Concrete .. More
Moisture Detection and Moisture Mapping
Tramex 17 Jul 2014 0 comments 19459 viewed
Moisture Detection and Moisture Mapping By Ronan Carrigy, Marketing Associate, Tramex Meters Limited. With acknowledgem.. More
Moisture Mapping with Mike Eggman GC, WLS, CR, CMRS, CMR, CIE
Tramex 17 Jul 2014 0 comments 8074 viewed
"So moisture mapping. What is moisture mapping? By using moisture mapping it gives me basically a visual on paper as.. More
Non-destructive moisture testing and preventive maintenance.
Tramex 26 Jul 2013 0 comments 6557 viewed
Roofs should not be forgotten or left unattended without care or maintenance. There is an old US saying “ if it ain&rsq.. More